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Wedding and Event Planners with Day-Of Coordinators

Event Planners and Day-of Coordinators available on the North Fork and the Hamptons

North Fork Weddings is not an event planning service, but we can help you find one. While it can be fun to plan your own event, having a true professional will make all the difference. Not only are they adept at handling the myriad details that are inherent in any large event, but they can also help select the service providers best suited to your needs. Many property owners are more comfortable allowing the use of their premises when an event planner is in charge and often properties are only available through the event planner. If you are planning an event from a distance, hiring an event planner is a must. But from near or far, a trusted planner will handle all the details so your wedding, or other special occasion (even corporate events) will be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Even though North Fork Weddings does not plan events, we do respond to all inqiuries to help you find the professional you need for your celebration. Please e-mail us at

Ashley O'Neil Events

Southold, New York
(631) 905-4446

The difference between a party and special affair always comes down to the details. It's that attention to detail that highlights the unique personality each event has. When you invest the time and financial resources in making your celebration a most memorable occasion, you want, no-NEED, the help and guidance of a professional who can take care of the details while you enjoy your celebration. Ashley O'Neil's stock in trade is an eye for detail with a love of entertaining. Under her watchfulness, your event will positively shine. She is a student of interior design, and setting the scene is a specialty. To Ashley O'Neil, an empty room or tent is a blank canvas just waiting for her special touches to transform it into a magical space ready for your happy guests. Beyond that, Ashley has the expertise, contacts, and most importantly the passion, for bringing together all it takes to assure your gathering of friends and family is more than you hoped it would be. Serving the North Fork and the Hamptons, Ashley O'Neil Events is available to assist in all stages of the wedding and special occasion planning-from inception to preparation to day-of coordinating. Be sure to ask about her no-surprises flat fee pricing. It will ease your mind to concentrate on more important things-like making the first toast.

B. Hock Events

By Appointment on the North Fork
(631) 745-1288
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Email B. Hock Events

Barbara Hock (the name behind B. Hock Events) is so much more than a wedding and event planner. Of course she will help you find the right vendors, and make sure you get to the church on time, but she will also keep a close eye on all of the details, making sure plans come together seamlessly so you can enjoy your celebration without a care.

Barbara Hock brings to event planning years of experience in connecting clients with the right service providers, along with a bit of a motherly nurturing that makes everyone involved feel like they are the best hands for getting the job done. Although Barbara really is a star for planning wonderfully memorable weddings, she is also adept putting together other occasions, such as corporate events, promotional events and even estate sales. Organization, attentiveness, and a great network of service providers make B. Hock Events an invaluable resource to anyone looking for help planning a special occasion.

Barbara’s sunny disposition and positive outlook is quite infectious, and you can trust her to keep an eye on every detail with her “anything is possible” approach. Give a call to B. Hock Events to host a stress-free wedding or other special event, with someone you can trust to keep an eye on every detail. You will be in very good hands.

Cloud Nove Events

192 Lexington Avenue, #227
New York, NY
(212) 802-1427

The love of your life proposed, and you accepted! Now you both are on Cloud Nine…that is unless the details of planning your perfect wedding has brought you back to earth. You can have a stress-free wedding planning process if you start with a professional planner who understands the process, has access to the best resources and has the expertise and dedication to make sure every detail is covered. Cloud Nove Events owner Regina Cialone Alaimo has been planning chic events for more than a decade, from weddings to corporate fund raisers and entertainment events. She is a delight to work with bringing a light-hearted, down-to-earth, fun sensibility to the project. Even so, her clients have said in Regina's hands nothing is impossible, so turn over every aspect of your special occasion, and on your wedding day you will be blissfully content, instead of frazzled by the last minute details.

Cloud Nove Events can truly handle every part of your wedding—from full wedding consultant services to day of event coordination—and everything in between. Need some help with the Shower? Looking for a unique Bachelorette Party? Still unsure what to do about the Rehearsal? Cloud Nove has it covered for you. Destination weddings are a specialty, and if planning the honeymoon is still on your to-do list, Regina can help. Call on Cloud Nove Events today to make your wedding everything you dreamed and keep you on Cloud Nine long after the thank you notes have been sent.

L. Marie Events

By Appointment
Long Island, New York

Describing L. Marie Events as a wedding planner does not do justice to the work of this wonderfully creative event designer. Lisa Marie Blinn leads a team who will not only make sure the details are covered but also create a celebration space that reflects all you have dreamed your special day to be. This is a team of experienced, talented professionals who will do all that is possible to assure that your wedding runs smoothly from start to finish.

Beyond weddings, any occasion worth planning can benefit from the touch of an event design firm such as L. Marie Events. Destination weddings and events, marriage proposals and other special events, from the family milestones to a charity ball are all in L Marie Events' repertoire. The environmentally conscious will appreciate their eco-friendly and green event design specialty. (Check out the sustainable celebrations page for details)

Lisa Marie's creative, friendly and easy-going, but uncompromising focus on the goal will reward you with a magnificent celebration that you and your guests will remember fondly. It could be their self-described "adoration for love" and the ways to celebrate it that give L. Marie Events the intangible edge when creating the wonderfully memorable weddings and events. Regardless of why L. Marie Events is among the best you will find in wedding planning and event design, you will appreciate the passion and focus Lisa Marie and her team puts into each and every occasion.

Contact L. Marie Events now to start designing your special occasion.

Melanie McEvoy Zuhoski

By Appointment
Laurel, New York
(917) 699-5948
Email Melanie

Melanie McEvoy Zuhoski is one of the newest additions to our pre-screened wedding and event planners. While we prepare a full services description, please contact her directly to learn more about the services she offers.

Be sure to check back very soon to see a full description of her services.