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Marriage Licenses

(Source: NYS Dept. of Health-Getting Married in New York State)

In order to become legally wed in the State of New York, the wedding couple must apply in person for a marriage license. It cannot be done by mail, and you may not send a representative in your place. The couple may visit any town or city clerk within the state and the license is valid for any location within the state, not just within the town or city limits where license was obtained. So, if you live in Manhattan, for instance, you may go to the New York City Clerk to obtain the license, and bring it with you to your ceremony location for your officiant to complete and sign.


Here are other considerations and requirements you should know:

  • There is a 24 hour waiting period from the date/time of issue
  • The license is valid for only 60 days, so don't apply too early
  • Medical exam or blood test is NOT required
  • Proof of Age & Identity is required. Acceptable forms of ID include:
  • For Proof of Age:
  • Birth certificate
  • Baptismal record
  • Naturalization record
  • Census record


For Proof of Identity:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Employment picture ID
  • Immigration record

To be valid, marriages may only be performed by one of the following qualified persons:

  • A city or village mayor
  • A town or village board appointed marriage officer (often the Town or Village Clerk)
  • Certain Judges
  • A village, town or county justice
  • An officially ordained minister or member of clergy

Other conditions may apply. Please review the full list of requirements at the New York State Marriage information web page.

For more detailed description of marriage license requirements, please contact your Town or Village clerk or click here to visit the New York State webpage detailing this information.

On eastern Long Island you may visit any of the Town Clerks in the five east end Towns(most have weekend hours during the summer season):