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Greener Services

Options for planning your event without compromising your sustainable philosophies.

By their very nature, weddings, parties and special celebrations are a source of left overs and waste. Extra food, paper goods, and the resources used for travel to the event all contribute to the carbon footprint your celebration has created.

It can be a challenge to balance the effort to conserve resources while hosting an event that is all you envision. We understand that going green, especially for a special occasion celebration, may not be practical, but every little bit helps. We have members who understand your desire go green and have the experience to help you incorporate resource conserving techniques into your celebration.

Check back as we add more members who have joined the Green Bride Brigade!


Greener Bakers & Wedding Cakes


Isn't it wonderful that the greener and sustainability movements have gained enough momentum that even a baker can cost-effectively source ingredients and practices to offer vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and humanely-produced products? We congratulate Marneycakes on making delicious, gorgeous and sustainably sourced wedding and celebration cakes that are a perfect finale for any celebration. There will be no sacrifice in flavor, quality or service. When you serve a slice of Marneycakes, you can be sure that your guests will leave with the sweet taste of the party still dancing in their heads…and also impressed that a sustainably sourced product can achieve this level of quality. If you are a Green Bride, Marneycakes is the baker for you! Contact her now to arrange a tasting.

Greener Catering and Restaurants

Noah's Restaurant
Noah's Catering
(631) 477-6720

Noah's in Greenport is a popular restaurant among locals and visitors alike, offering fine dining while implementing sustainable practices wherever and whenever it is possible and practical. In fact, Noah's menu is based on locally sourced, seasonally available ingredients. Here you will find produce from local farms and farmstands and seafood and shellfish harvested from local waters.

Noah's puts the farm to fork philosophy to work with imaginatively delightful dishes to create an unforgettable dining experience for an evening out or a catered affair. Noah's sustainably produced menu is simply delicious. Why not make a reservation for brunch, lunch or dinner today and discover the deliciousness of Noah's sustainably produced menu for yourself?

Greener Photographer

Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics

Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics is the first photography studio on Long Island to earn the Greener Photography Premier designation. Photography is fraught with environmental issues most particularly related to the chemicals used in developing and printing the images. But, from the less wasteful practices of the studio and office, to the Green Strategy posted on the website, Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics puts into practice the well-worn but still very relevant "reduce, reuse, recycle."

Greener Wedding & Event Planner

L. Marie Events

The Green Bride Brigade is gaining momentum, appearing quite frequently in mainstream events, so if you want to remain true to your eco-friendly, greener philosophies, it's more important than ever to bring to your planning team an expert in sustainable practices. L. Marie Events, a wedding planning and event design firm, specializes in eco-friendly, green celebrations, drawing on a stable of preferred vendors who share your commitment to reducing the wasteful practices that any formal celebration can bring.

Lisa Marie Blinn is the leader of this green team, and will help you identify ways to incorporate elements into your event that minimize the impact on our natural resources without compromising the beauty and sophistication that you dreamed your wedding would be. You will be pleasantly surprised that how easily these greener practices can be implemented and how affordable they can be.

Finally you can share your commitment to resource conservation with your guests without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Contact L. Marie Events to learn how.

Greener Venue

Salt Air Farm

Country Estate Weddings
(631) 734-4180

Salt Air Farm embodies the term sustainability. A wedding venue, flower farm and B&B, this property has covered all the bases for any special occasion celebration, or weekend getaway. Prudence Heston, part of a 12 generation farm family in Cutchogue, emphasizes individuality while offering guests a glimpse into the world of a working family farm. The flowers, fruits and honey are produced and harvested on site. The farm to fork philosophy is practiced regularly here, with guests encouraged participate. In fact, the weddings hosted at the Salt Air Farm directly support the expansion of acreage used for flower production, allowing the farm to grow at a pace that is manageable and well, sustainable. If you envisioned a grand celebration with a tiny footprint, the Salt Air Farm is the place to be.